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BASIX Certificates FAQ

Common questions regarding BASIX Certificates

At Eco Certificates we pride ourselves in our customer service. Over the years, our experienced consultants have answered many different questions of different levels of difficulty. Now we have decided to bring to you the most common questions asked all in one place. Click on the heading above to go to the BASIX frequently asked questions.

If you are here to learn more about BASIX and not just after an answer for a specific question, we know exactly where you should start reading. Our team has put together all their knowledge and experience from the past years to write up some of the best content found online regarding the BASIX regulations. This content can be found on our BASIX and BASIX Certificates pages.

NABERS rating and BEEC certificate

BCA Section J FAQ

Common questions regarding BCA Section J

Our team of consultants have done over more than 300 BCA Section J projects over the years. Some of the projects can be seen Here. By going through many different kinds of problems and bringing different solutions to the table for each problem, they have became familiar enough with the common questions that concern our clients.

By clicking on the heading above, you will be taken to the most common questions concerning our old and new clients. You can also find out more about BCA Section J by reading this page. Most of our clients are also interested in knowing about our Section J JV3 assessments, so make sure to check that out as well. Remember, we are always just a phone call away for any question!


Common questions regarding NatHERS Certificates

Many people have had difficulties understanding and finding specific information regarding the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme. At Eco Certificates we have decided to put our knowledge on the website, this way everyone else can have easy access to this information and be able to get the answers they need with just a few click.

In this page, we have gathered the most questioned and misunderstood terms and aspects of NatHERS and have tried to answer them as best as we could. You could also learn more by reading our NatHERS page, make sure you will ask us about any questions we might have not answered.