Our Software Development Project

We are developing a project and task management software solution called Gemma for our own internal use and potential commercial release as a web application software solution. Below is a brief description of this ambitious project. You can also visit Gemma’s official website gemma.app

What does GEMMA do?

Gemma is a project and task management web application software at its core. It is designed to help small to medium sized professional service providers, consultancies and designers to organise their projects and tasks and keep track of their payment and workload. Gemma keeps a registry of client businesses, persons in that business, quotes, projects, invoices and operators of the business.

As Gemma records payments, it can also be used to show the income of the business. By adding a place to record the expenses, Gemma can be used as a simple accounting solution without the unnecessary complicated functionality of full scale accounting software. Since it remembers all the times and interactions of the project, Gemma can provide information about the business in the form of well formatted business intelligence presentations and charts. When Gemma has learned enough about the business it starts acting on her own and takes care of client interactions, invoice follow up, welcome emails etc. It monitors the performance and health of the business and either acts by itself to fix problems or brings the issue to the attention of business owner. In general, when the software is at its mature stages, Gemma will act as a very well informed and disciplined employee who truly cares about the well being and health of the business it serves.

Gemma services the small to medium sized business sector of the market who run their services on a project basis. Small SOHO one man businesses and small to medium sized practices all have similar needs and problems. Regardless of the business size, each project focused business requires effective and automated software solutions for the following critical areas: Project Management – Task Management – Accounting – Customer Relation Management Office Management – Business Intelligence and Budgeting.

Gemma aims to provide this section of the market with a very simple to use project and task management solution. At the same time it can provide the business with the most important functionalities of enterprise level specialised software packages in the areas mentioned above without the added complex features and settings which are only required by larger businesses which can afford the capital and specialised skillset to operate those solutions.

Gemma Benefits

Gemma project has emerged from a live business environment based on its core day to day needs, requirements and problems. As a result, its approach to solving business problems is practical, effective, unobtrusive and simple.


Easy to Work With

Working with Gemma as a reliable and simple project and business management solution is very easy. No matter how advanced the software will grow in future versions, the interface simplicity will always be preserved and UI changes will be kept to a minimum.

Avoid Unnecessary Learning

No business executive and operator wants to spend all their productive time learning new technologies and concepts just to run the business. Gemma eliminates the unnecessary need to learn new skills by educated reuse of data and advanced utilisation of best business practices automatically.

Eliminates Excessive Complexity

All the complexity of Gemma’s advanced operation is encapsulated inside its easy to use interface. As a result, Gemma doesn’t suffer from excessive complexity of regular feature rich software while providing core and essential business maintenance support.

Avoids Data Redundancy

Copying data from one spreadsheet to another or from one software to the next is ineffective and inaccurate. By monitoring and recording a central pool of project, client and operator information, Gemma is able to provide many essential business services which require the same data.

Automated AI Management

By monitoring the business operation and constantly educating itself regarding its health and performance metrics, Gemma’s AI module gradually develops familiarity and awareness and makes more and more statistically accurate assumptions and decisions.

Use of Business Best Practices

Gemma automatically applies tried and proven best business practices when it performs operations. From socially aware Customer Relation Management to timely follow ups, greetings, employee performance monitoring and many others, Gemma is always kept updated with the best research results we can find.

Typical problems faced by any SME business & how GEMMA can help

I'm too busy to learn several new softwares to manage and organise my business in different areas
Gemma’s approach to addressing the most critical and necessary requirements of managing a business in one simple to use application removes the need to learn different softwares to run a business. The best practices of several disciplines of knowledge and management software are gathered in Gemma so the business would practically become independent of different software solutions for each one of its needs.
I know nothing about accounting, budgetting, CRM, Project Management, BI etc but I need a little bit of all of them in my business
Any business needs to address these areas to some extent, however, learning different unrelated disciplines reduces the productivity of business professional and management team dramatically. Gemma eliminates the need to learn new knowledge areas by educated use of the same information from core project management functionality and using it to provide these services in an independent and automated fashion.
I constantly need to copy the same information between several different softwares that I use to make them work
The base project information and client information which are gathered at the point of creation of any of these entities is all the information Gemma would ever need to perform its intended duties in Project Management, CRM, Accounting etc. As a result, the need to duplicate and re-enter the same information between several software packages is completely eliminated.
I can't learn to work with a new software each time I have a different business need and requirement

Any business owner practically loses productivity and opportunities for business growth by being consumed with managing the day to day operations of a business. This is particularly true in recent years as the administrative and regulatory playground of running a business steadily becomes more complex every day. By using Gemma, a business owner can avoid learning different software solutions and rely on a simple to use software to address all the core needs and problems of managing their business.

Good softwares have a lot of features and settings that I never use for my daily business but I need to learn them to make the software work

The majority of advanced business and project management softwares in the market focus on offering extensive array of features which is not necessarily a good thing for many types and sizes of business. Gemma only provides the most obvious and useful functionalities of high end feature rich packages and avoids the confusing complexities of unnecessary features which are rarely used by most businesses.

I need someone to constantly follow up with the fee proposals that I send and follow up the invoices when my clients don't pay on time
At its heart, Gemma is home to a constantly learning and well informed virtual intelligent business agent. This functionality of Gemma monitors the health and performance of a business in all critical areas just like a caring and educated business executive. It takes the initiative and attempts to resolve the business problems such as fee proposal and invoice follow ups, without disturbing the productive work flow of business executives and professionals.
I have projects and tasks which I need to assign to my employees and I need to know how they perform their duties

Gemma has a simple and very effective project and task management engine as its core functionality. The project management workflow of Gemma has been the result of extensive UX analysis on several businesses and therefore it is the best response to real world scenarios and actual business problems. It performs task and project assignment and ascertains that the projects are on a safe path to timely delivery. Gemma also constantly monitors the performance of various business operators and educates itself and the business owner regarding their performance metrics.

I don't have the time or budget to hire someone to send seasonal greetings and welcome messages to my good clients

By use of the software’s virtual intelligent business agent, Gemma’s CRM module constantly monitors the operations of the business and its clients. The clients of the business are always ranked and arranged based on the most relevant evaluation criteria and the best and most important clients of the business are always arranged in special registries. Gemma automatically attends to the best (or all) clients of a business by sending welcome emails, introductory emails and seasonal greetings while conforming to the best business etiquette and proven practices.

I don't know exactly how much money I made this month by my invoices paid and by comparing it to my expenses
Simple and essential accounting and budgeting is automatically provided by Gemma. By monitoring and analysing the income of the business from its activities and projects Gemma always has a good understanding of the incoming cashflow. When combined with simple to use expenses and registry of the Gemma accounting module, the software provides real-time and reliable financial overview of the business and enables the business owner to benefit from well informed budgeting. In future development phases, Gemma will be integrated into well known accounting platforms to make it a desirable choice for businesses and their accountants alike.
How can I assign a budget from my cashflow for business expansion. I need someone to monitor my income and expenses all the time and let me know how much I can count on
Gemma naturally knows all about the financial health of the business it runs. As a result, the job of income and expense monitoring and reporting the capital assets of a business is comfortably handled by Gemma. By researching the best capital management advice on the market, the behaviour of the software will be adjusted in a way that provides real-time and highly educated financial advice to the business owners and empower them to ascertain that the best choices are always considered.

Gemma Features

Project Management

The most obvious and core functionality of Gemma is working as a simple and robust project and task management software. Gemma streamlines the flow of a project from the quote stage all the way to completion through an easy to use and effective interface with task and role assignment and project monitoring.

VI / AI enabled CRM

Rather than relying on a human operator to perform obvious and industry standard customer relation management duties, Gemma automatically takes the initiative and applies best practices of CRM for the relevant clients of the business automatically.

Accounting & Invoicing

Gemma always has a real-time and clear understanding of the actual and predictable cashflow of the business. By adding the capability to record the expenses of the business and connecting to well known accounting platforms, it can reliably eliminate the need for any added overhead of a separate accounting software.

Active Monitoring

By observing all daily operations of a business, Gemma is able to monitor the performance and health of the overall business in many different areas including but not limited to financial state, employee performance, client behaviour, project and service performance and many other useful areas.

Business Intelligence

Small companies can also benefit from big data and the meaningful statistics acquired from processing that data. Gemma measures critical and essential business intelligence indexes and demonstrate the findings in forms of easy to understand graphs and charts to assist the business owner in making informed and educated decisions.

Following Best Practices

Gemma’s logic to approach self aware and automated decisions is not based on the personal experience of one person or a group of people. Instead, the developer team constantly conducts research on the best industry practices of CRM and PM to ensure Gemma operates as close as possible to a well informed and educated human operator.

Start working with Gemma

You don’t need to have a 100-person company to develop that idea“.                   Larry Page (Co-founder, Google) 

Development Technologies

Programming Languages

Transact-SQL, C#, HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0, JS and numerous libraries and frameworks.

.NET Platform

.NET Framework for backend and core business logic.

Visual Studio IDE

Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment.


Git version control and agile development methodology.

Azure Distributed Hosting

Microsoft Azure distributed cloud SaaS platform.

Azure SQL Database

Microsoft cloud based SQL server on Azure.

ASP.NET MVC Framework

ASP.NET framework with MVC 3 tier architecture.

Android and IOS Apps

Design concepts for simple to use and functional Android and IOS mobile apps.