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BASIX Certificate Cost Sydney

The cost of obtaining a BASIX certificate is very dependent on the nature and extent of the development. Based on the nature of the residential development, NSW department of planning and NatHERS national administrator charge for a development to be certified. The BASIX certificate cost introduced by the government has a fixed and determined amount while the consultant service fees is subject to the BASIX consultant rates as well as the complexity of the design.

Government components of a BASIX certificate cost

From 1 July 2011 the NSW department of planning started a scheme to charge a fee to issue a BASIX certificate for new dwellings. This payment scheme further extended to alterations and additions BASIX projects from 30 of September same year. This portion of BASIX certificate cost is required before a created report in the BASIX online tool can be certified and a BASIX certificate is created. Please note that creation of a report does not require payment and this is when we provide you when weโ€™re sending you the draft documents for your approval. However this report is not accepted by the councils or PCAs as this needs to be certified and therefore the BASIX certification cost charged by the NSW department of planning must be paid to the government. Please study below table as it explains the amount of fees payable.

Type of development Maximum fee
Single dwelling $50
Multi-dwelling $80 (for first two dwellings)
$35 (for each dwelling more than two dwellings)
Residential flat building Variable – depends on number of units
Alteration and additions $25 for each dwelling

You can also download this simple to use Excel spreadsheet BASIX Government Fee Calculator by clicking on the button below.

BASIX Consultant Fees

Our fees as BASIX consultants is another component of BASIX certificate cost which you must consider. We have our established fee structure which is always is in response to the current industry rates and complexity of the development design. Completing hundreds of projects and thousands of developments have enabled us to come up with the fee structure to make the cost of obtaining a BASIX certificate for our client completely reasonable and extremely competitive. This is especially true when it is being weighed against our high standards of service. For our valued returning clients we do go even further than our standards and make sure our clients always can offer the fastest and the most cost effective BASIX certificate solution to their clients.