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Building Energy Modeling

Building Energy Modeling

Using the most advanced and internationally recognised building energy simulation engine, Energy Plus we can provide our clients with the most high value service of Energy Plus building energy modeling in Australia which is used for numerous schemes and areas of study.

Energy Plus is a building energy modeling simulation engine which can be used to model energy and water use in a whole building. It allows building professionals and designers to optimise and enhance energy efficiency performance of a building. It is currently the most advanced building energy modeling simulation engine available in the world and has many innovative and advanced simulation capabilities. Energy Plus is being recognised in the Building Code of Australia, NABERS and Green Star protocols as an approved building energy modeling program for energy performance estimation of a building.

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Building Energy Modeling Uses

One of the most widely used areas for this service is building energy modeling for reference building and alternative design solution in a BCA Section J Alternative Verification Method JV3. To learn more please visit our BCA Section J Alternative Verification Method JV3 page.

Another use of Energy Plus building energy modeling could be energy simulation in a NABERS Energy Commitment Agreement. To determine the Green House Gas emission of a building in a Green Star assessment of energy score there is also need for supplying a building energy model following the guidelines of NABERS Energy Guide to Building Energy Estimation Modelling.

There are various other situations like government grants or advanced study of building energy efficiency performance which would require a building to calculate its estimated energy use. We can supply Energy Plus building energy modeling in all Australian states for all types of buildings from simple and small designs to the largest and most complicated developments. Please contact us if you have any questions.