BASIX Consultants Sydney

Our BASIX consultants at Eco Certificates have years of focused experience in preparation of all types of BASIX certificates for projects of different type and complexity. When you leave your project with our consultancy firm you will be assigned a consultant for that project who will supervise and prepare your requested document in the most educated and efficient way. A BASIX consultant can be the same person as the one who prepared the NatHERS thermal modeling or they can be assigned to different members of our team.

If you wish to know more about the costs that come with a BASIX Certificate and the Consultants, make sure to visit both our BASIX Certificate and our Certificate Cost

Our research policy for our BASIX consultants

We always keep our team up to date with the latest changes in policies, industry and technology. This approach to ongoing research and development of each team member is particularly necessary for close monitoring of policy changes in the BASIX area of service. A well informed BASIX consultant need to know not only the details and complexities of the BASIX online tool but also must be aware of the direction and upcoming changes in the NSW department of planning policies.

BASIX consultant office meeting

Our office meetings are always fun and educational. We’re particularly concerned about efficient use of time and resources for each person in the office. As a result, a general rule of thumb in all of our office meetings is that any of the BASIX consultants in Eco Certificate spends time reading and researching in certain areas and we share those findings in a very time efficient and fruitful office meeting. This approach ensures that our office stays well communicated, well informed and at the same time no one is burnt out by extensive research and reading time.