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BASIX Alterations and Additions

BASIX Alterations and Additions

Residential renovation and refurbishment projects of certain magnitude need to get a BASIX alterations and additions certificate to be able to lodge a development application in NSW. Data entry for BASIX alterations and additions is not similar to that of single dwelling or multi unit assessments and energy and water efficiency and thermal comfort performance of the project is determined by entering specifications for the project and its installed systems in BASIX assessment tool for alterations and additions and has no specific section for each index.

  • If your alterations and additions is valued more than $50,000.
  • If you have a pool (and/or spa) with a combined capacity of more than 40,000 litres.
  • More information regarding the accurate costs can be found here

You can also apply for a BASIX certificate for alterations and additions if you want to bypass your LGA Council's energy efficiency and sustainability requirements even though your development is outside the criteria mentioned above.

BASIX for Alterations and Additions has a separate login section in BASIX web site and the project portfolio is completely separated from single dwelling or multi unit developments. There are 6 areas of data entry for a BASIX alterations and additions certificate as follow:

  • Project Address & Type: You enter the project address and development type.
  • Project Details: Here you enter data regarding the extent of your alterations and additions. You must specify installation of swimming pools, spas, fixtures, systems, construction elements, glazing etc.
  • Pool and Spa: Here you enter data regarding the specifics of you pool and spa installation like size, location, shading, heating, etc.
  • Fixtures and Systems: This section specified the requirements for hot water systems, lighting and water fixtures of the BASIX alteration and additions.
  • Construction: Newly installed floors, walls, ceilings and roofs are specified and insulation requirements are being demonstrated in this section.
  • Glazing: In this section data regarding the new windows, skylights, glazed and poly carbonate roofs in entered in to BASIX assessment tool.

In the Certificate section you are able to issue and print a Draft report or a formal BASIX certificate for alterations and additions to lodge with you Development Application. There is also a BASIX Alternative Assessment pathway similar to single dwelling houses and multi unit developments for unusual construction technologies or certain types of developments. As of 1st July 2011 there is a $25 charge for issuing a BASIX certificate for alterations and additions.