Significant Increase in BASIX energy targets

Dear Eco Certificates clients, colleagues and friends,

There are very important and radical changes coming to the BASIX regulations in NSW so I've created this short email to bring this your attention as they can have significant implications for your projects. If you have active and unfinished projects with us, this could particularly be a very important message for you so please read below and kindly pay attention to the last note.

Beginning in July 2017, BASIX energy targets will increase. While the numbers below might not represent a significant change, the implications and their effect on the design and certification of your projects will be substantial. The changes are as below;

Energy Score Requirements Increase

The first change is increase in the energy score requirements. Typically, the energy targets for houses and low-rise units will increase by 10 per cent, and by 5 per cent for mid and high-rise units. At first sight this might not seem a significant increase but it can be quite difficult to achieve pass score in the energy section with this increase. Use of high star rating appliances and solar panels will become much more prevalent compared to all the projects you've completed. It is anticipated that BASIX online tool now recognises more innovative and advance technologies as a result so we're hopeful that the provisions will remain comfortable for the majority of designers and developers.

NatHERS Thermal Load Thresholds Reduced

The second and far more radical change is in the thermal load thresholds of NatHERS simulations. These thresholds will be much lower than before and as a result the thermal modeling will need to introduce a noticeably more stringent and high performance array of building fabric elements to make the design approach these numbers. For many of the building designs which were already passing only by means of high performance elements due to their designs, this means that for the first time, there will be scenarios where the plans might need to change otherwise the building simply would not be able to be built. This is an important consideration to have in mind when designing a residential development and it also means the NatHERS and BASIX assessments will take longer to complete therefore the design teams must allocate more time for this service.

Important message for our clients with active projects

For our valued clients and friends who have active projects with us it is extremely important that they make sure they receive the final set of documents before beginning of July.

In every case we have in our project register, projects are not being delivered due to unpaid invoices so the government fees cannot be paid and the project cannot be finalised. If these projects which are being completed and have the thermal models created are not finalised before the government deadline which is 30th of June, the client will still be presented with the invoice to process however the results will not be accepted in the BASIX online tool and the project should be re modelled and invoiced again. Please kindly use this remaining time to finalise all your active projects with us to prevent any of these unfavourable scenarios to happen.

If you have any questions or need to discuss about particulars of a project please feel free to contact us and we'll be as accommodating and assistive as always. Thank you for reading and I hope this has been some useful information for you.

Manuel Basiri

Manuel Basiri

B.Sc / M.Sc / MIEAust ABSA Member - BDAV Accredited Assessor