Second reminder regarding increase in BASIX energy targets

Dear Eco Certificates clients, colleagues and friends,

We now have less than a month from start of new BASIX energy target increase and new heating and cooling NatHERS thermal comfort requirements

Here's a very brief summary of changes which comes to BASIX regulations soon:

  • Energy targets for houses and low-rise units will increase by 10%
  • Energy targets for mid and high-rise units will increase by 5%
  • NatHERS heating and cooling thresholds are significantly lowered
  • RAPID method for single dwelling thermal comfort removed
  • DIY method is improved and much closer to simulation results
  • Other coefficient and formula updates which changes scores

A more detailed discussion about this changes can be seen here

Important message for our clients with active projects

For our valued clients and friends who have active projects with us it is extremely important that they make sure they receive the final set of documents before beginning of July.

In every case we have in our project register, projects are not being delivered due to unpaid invoices so the government fees cannot be paid and the project cannot be finalised. If these projects which are being completed and have the thermal models created are not finalised before the government deadline which is 30th of June, the client will still be presented with the invoice to process however the results will not be accepted in the BASIX online tool and the project should be re modelled and invoiced again. Please kindly use this remaining time to finalise all your active projects with us to prevent any of these unfavourable scenarios to happen.

For all the projects which we will be completing the draft BASIX report and thermal models before 20th of June 2017, our client must pay the invoices issued to them in full no later than COB 27th of June. If this does not happen unfortunately the client need to pay increased invoices for migration to the new tool and also accept the fact that all the BASIX and NatHERS specifications and performance figures will be replaced by a significantly more stringent set of requirements.

If you have any questions or need to discuss about particulars of a project please feel free to contact us and we'll be as accommodating and assistive as always. Thank you for reading and I hope this has been some useful information for you.

Manuel Basiri

Manuel Basiri

B.Sc / M.Sc / MIEAust ABSA Member - BDAV Accredited Assessor