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BASIX Frequently Asked Questions

BASIX Certificate FAQ

How much is the BASIX certificate cost?

The pricing of our quotes are dependent on the development. Each individual BASIX certificate project is priced differently from another. We consider the size of the project, the number of dwellings, and the complexity of the internal layout so we can provide our BASIX certificate quote as affordable as possible. You can also check out our BASIX Certificate Cost page for additional information about fees. In addition to our service fees there are fixed government fees which are being charged by the NSW department of Planning and NatHERS national administrator. These fees are per dwelling and when our invoice for your BASIX certificate project is being paid by you, will be paid to the government so the final BASIX certificate and NatHERS certificates can be issued and released for your council submission

How long is the turnaround for a BASIX certificate project?

Our maximum turnaround time for your project will be mentioned in your fee proposal. We always strive our best to deliver our BASIX certificate projects sooner than this time. The speed and efficiency of our service is also depends on the availability and adequacy of the information supplied to us by the architect and designer of the building. To issue the final BASIX certificate after payment of the final invoice, we’d also require some time to finalise the documents from government web portals.

What do I need to provide to receive a quote for a BASIX certificate?

We require a set of architectural plans to determine the extent of the development and quote for your BASIX certificate accordingly. However if you are yet to finalise your plans, a detailed description of your project will suffice in the majority of cases.

I received a BASIX certificate quote and I’ve approve it. How do I pay for your services?

In most cases, we don’t require payment until we send you a draft BASIX certificate and thermal specification schedule file of your project. At that point we will also send you an invoice with several payment options. We can provide an invoice earlier upon request in case that you don’t want to delay the release of final BASIX certificate due to payment delays.

I have a deadline for my project and your quote says the turnaround time is longer than my deadline. Can I request my BASIX certificate project to be moved forward?

We always try to meet all deadlines for all of our clients. Please mention this deadline as soon as you know about it and we will try our best to meet this. BASIX certificates are one of the last documents required for any DA submission so we know the urgency and pressure of the design team to receive the final BASIX certificate as soon as practicable.

Can I update my BASIX certificate after it is being issued and finalised?

Yes you can always update your BASIX certificate after it is being issued however the BASIX certificate must still be valid in order to be able to be revised. When a BASIX certificate is issued it is valid for a period of 3 months from the date of its issue. During the period the certificate must be submitted to the council. When you submit your BASIX certificate to the council with the rest of your DA documentation, you will have a DA number and a lodgement date for your development. In order for us to update your BASIX certificate for you, we require the DA number and the exact lodgement date of that certificate to the council in order to update it. When we update it once, we can update it for as many time as necessary without needing any extra information from you.

Do I get a discount for referring several BASIX certificate projects to you?

Yes certainly. All of our valued returning clients automatically receive our reduced fees for our returning clients and we’ll always be happy to offer more attractive fee structure within our boundaries and capacity for provision of BASIX certificate service.

do BASIX Certificates expire?

Yes they do. From the date of issue of a BASIX certificate you have exactly 3 months to submit your certificate to the council. If you don’t complete your submission within that timeframe your BASIX certificate will expire and a completely new certificate must be created and paid to the government again. The previously created NatHERS certificates and results are still valid and can be used in the new BASIX certificate however the fees paid to the NSW department of planning for the expired certificate are not recoverable.

I only do renovate and add to existing dwelling. Do I still need to provide the council with a BASIX certificate?

The necessity for a certificate depends on the extent of your development. If your renovation work cost exceeds $$50,000 or your proposed development includes a pool and/or spa wth the combined size of 40,000 litres then you will require a BASIX certificate for alterations and additions.