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BASIX Single Dwelling

BASIX Single Dwelling

Each type of development has a different approach in BASIX online assessment tool. For single dwelling houses there are more thermal methods allowed than a multi unit development but there is no energy and water provisions for common areas, common facilities and parking spaces. You should choose BASIX for single dwelling houses in the online assessment tool if you are assessing no more than a single dwelling regardless of specification and characteristics of the dwelling.

When you select the single dwelling in the BASIX online assessment tool you are able to issue a BASIX certificate for a single detached dwelling house, single attached dwelling house or a single unit in a multi unit development. Before the online tool can measure the scores in each index area and enable the certification page, an assessor needs to fill four major data areas in the tool to issue a BASIX certificate for a single dwelling house as follow:

  • Project Detail: You are required to enter general project specifications like address, type, floor areas and number of bedrooms.
  • Water: Data related to water consumption of the project like landscape area, fixtures, swimming pool volume, etc.
  • Thermal Comfort: There are 3 methods to choose from for BASIX thermal comfort which are called Rapid, DIY and NatHERS thermal Simulation methods.
  • Energy: Data related to energy efficiency performance of a single dwelling systems like lighting, HVAC performance, appliance performance etc.

There are two more sections in BASIX for single dwelling houses which are Summary and Certificate sections. In the Summary section you can check the status of the data entered into the BASIX tool and pinpoint the areas that need to be addressed. You will also get useful hints and advice on how to improve the performance of your single dwelling if you fail to meet the requirements in a particular area.

In the Certificate section you can print a draft report or a final BASIX certificate for you development which can be submitted to the LGA Council of your development along with the rest of Development Application documents. Since 1st July 2011 a fee of $50 must be paid to the NSW Department of Planning before a certificate can be issued and printed for each single dwelling.

If you have utilized an unusual technology for energy or water efficiency in your development which cannot be addressed by regular assessment processes for a single dwelling house you are able to apply for an Alternative Assessment under the Certificate section of online assessment tool. Any of the the following criteria qualifies a building to follow the path of a BASIX Alternative Assessment:

  • If the building is of a type which cannot be characterized by the interactive online assessment tool.
  • Water and energy efficiency measures and technologies in the building are not being addressed in the BASIX online tool.
  • If the building is of heritage significance and BASIX requirements are in conflict with heritage nature and characteristics of building.

Developments which are planning to be assessed under the BASIX Alternative Assessment method will still be required to meet the sustainability targets for water and energy efficiency and thermal comfort and this approach is only for technologies not currently addressed in the assessment tool.