Prepare for a NatHERS and BASIX assessment

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The information and checklists on this page helps design team of a project to prepare necessary information and documents which would enable us to perform a NatHERS thermal modeling and BASIX certification.

Please note that the guidelines on this page are all derived from government regulatory documents and protocols. Therefore these are the minimum set of information that we require as the NatHERS national administrator and the NSW department of planning have mandated. The good news is, all this information is what already provided in the vast majority of design plans and project descriptions so all you have to do is to read below guidelines and make sure nothing is missing.

Information on the Plans

Generally speaking, we require a regular set of architectural plans for our assessment. So whatever is normally being provided on the plans is sufficient in the majority of projects. We require site plan, all the floor plans, elevations and, when evailable, sections of the project.

The following information are required to be on the plans:

  • Layouts
  • Name and functionality of all spaces
  • Unit numbers
  • True north orientation

Windows Specifications

According to NatHERS thermal comfort protocol, assessors are obligated to model only the projects which show the dimensions and opening type of all the windows of each dwelling. This requires the designers to provide that information either on the plans or in form of a windows schedule. We require windows dimensions (Height X Width) and opening type (Fixed, Sliding, Awning, etc) before we can start the NatHERS thermal modeling. The mothod of showing this information is entirely up to the decision and preferences of the design team.

The simplest and also the most effective way of showing this information is by providing a single line of text on the floor plans beside each window. Below picture gives you an example of this approach.

Information Checklists

Below you can find easy to complete online forms which enable you to send us all the complementary information that we require for preparation of a NatHERS assessment and / or BASIX certificate. If your development have more than one category of dwellings in it (For example, you have both town houses and units in a single project) please use the one which is to the right side of the list below (In this example, the multi unit checklist)

NatHERS - BASIX Information Checklists

Please select a checklist from below list relevant to your project

NatHERS Only

Information checklist for only NatHERS assessment of a single dwelling or dwellings in a multi dwelling project like town houses and unit developments.

Single Dwelling

Information checklist for NatHERS thermal comfort assessment and BASIX certificate of a single dwelling development

Town Houses

Information checklist for NatHERS assessment and preparation of a BASIX certificate for dual occupancy or a townhouse development.

Multi Unit

Information checklist for NatHERS thermal modeling and BASIX certificate of a multi unit residential development and a mixed use development.